Armed Quadruped UGV Made in India

Bhairav Robotics unveils Bharat’s first armed quadruped “Shvana (श्वान)“. It can play a crucial role in protecting users against evolving threats in various contexts, including homeland security, defense and industrial environments.

Situational Awarness

With a suite of sensors, processing power, advanced software and the ability to traverse through rugged terrains, Shvana can be deployed wherever there is risk to human lives. Remotely controlled operations reduce direct human exposure to threats and redundant sensors improve reliability required for critical missions​.

Modular Platform

Shvana is designed as a platform and is highly modular in construction. Such a design simplifies maintenance aspects and also makes it easy to integrate various payloads to suit customer requirements.

Shvana is capable of autonomous, semi-autonomous and manual modes of operation.

Live transmission of audio, video coupled with advanced detection algorithms help identify various types of threats from within and beyond line of sight.

Our Guiding Principles

Mission:Our mission is to create innovative robotic solutions that enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity across various sectors and transform the way we work and live.”

Vision:We envision a world where our robotic solutions seamlessly integrate into everyday life from defense, manufacturing to education.”

Our Expertise in Engineering and Innovation

We are a team of diverse group of engineers with experience in design, manufacturing, simulation & analytics of mechanical systems, product development and program management in various industries including defense. 

Our experience includes working with gas turbines, aerial drones (fixed wing and multirotor), robots and various other automation related sub-systems.

MohanRaj Gangadharan

Director – Design and Manufacturing

Mohan has 25+ years of experience in design and manufacturing of numerous systems and sub-systems for defense industry including hydraulic systems, pneumatic launchers, small gas turbines, IC engines, etc.

Ramakrishna Commuri

​Founder & Director – Technical

Rama has 25+ years of experience in various fields of engineering including commissioning, O&M, thermal modelling , data analysis of gas turbines and building drones for armed forces.

Jagatpati Yerramilli


Jagatpati (ex-Director Central Electricity Authority of India) has 35+ years of experience in various capacities and roles (design engineering, consultancy, construction and O&M) in development of power sector in India​.

Sai Shravanth O

Lead – Controls & Automation

Shravanth leads simulation, controls and automation team of Shvana. He has hands on experience in Gazebo simulation, flight controls, matlab, ROS and field testing​.

Our Partners

Collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We’re proud to work hand-in-hand with a diverse network of partners, including industry leaders, research institutions, and visionary startups. Together, we combine expertise, resources, and creativity to drive innovation and bring revolutionary robotics solutions to life.

Drives & Motions

Drives & Motions is our manufacturing partner. Drives & Motions is ISO 9001 certified manufacturing unit and is located in Industrial city of Coimbatore.

Open To Collaboration

If you need a solution to be built using Shvana platform to solve a specific problem, we shall gladly partner with you. Please contact us to discuss how we can collaborate!